What Is the Failure Rate of Dental Implants? 

Losing your permanent teeth can negatively impact your life in more ways than one. Thankfully, your dentist can restore your oral health like before with dental implants in Fleming Island.  

The features of dental implants are remarkably similar to those of natural teeth, making them one of the most popular tooth replacement options. Most dental implant surgeries have been successful, but there have also been reports of failures. This makes people wonder about the typical failure rate of dental implants.  

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What Is the Failure Rate of Dental Implants? 

What Is the Average Dental Implant Failure Rate? 

According to studies, approximately five to ten percent of dental implants fail. It can happen immediately after the procedure, a few months, or years later. But the good news is that dental implant surgery has a high success rate, between 90% and 95%. The majority of these cases are successful and provide long-term oral health benefits.  

What Happens When Dental Implants Fail? 

A conventional dental implant encompasses a biocompatible screw-shaped post surgically embedded in your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. Ideally, the implant should integrate with your bone tissues in a process known as osseointegration. Osseointegration is essential to provide a solid and secure anchor for your artificial teeth.  

Unfortunately, there are instances wherein the implant does not merge with your bone, leading to osseointegration failure. In such a case, the implant may loosen or fall out. Another factor contributing to dental implant failure is peri-implantitis. It’s an infection resulting in bone loss around the implant due to inflammation.  

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What Can You Do to Make Your Dental Implants in Fleming Island Successful? 

If you plan to get dental implants or already have them, we suggest you practice good oral hygiene, make healthy lifestyle changes, and visit your dentist yearly. At Fleming Island Dental, we create personalized and comfortable dental plans tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful smiles you will love! Contact us today to book an appointment.  

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