Is It Normal to Experience Dental Implant Pain? 

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of biocompatible metal. The metal posts are shaped like screws implanted into your jawbone to function like natural tooth roots. More and more Americans prefer dental implants to dentures because they feel and function just like natural teeth. 

Even though the process takes several months, the waiting period will not be in vain since the implants will last forever! However, some people are apprehensive about giving dental implants a try because of pain. Is pain after getting dental implants normal? 

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Understanding Dental Implant Pain 

Pain After Dental Implants 

Some pain and discomfort are expected after dental implant surgery, but it’s only temporary. It should only last for a few days. You’ll experience the pain when the anesthesia starts to wear off. The pain will be localized near the implant site. You’ll also likely encounter other symptoms after the surgery, such as minor bruising, swelling around the gums, and slight bleeding at the site. 

Managing Dental Implant Pain 

Your oral surgeon will give you instructions on how to help deal with the pain after surgery. To manage the discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medications. It’s also essential to avoid hot, spicy, and hard foods while your gum tissues are still healing. Applying ice packs may also help reduce the swelling. 

After the surgery, you should get enough rest. Don’t engage in strenuous activities as they could lead to bleeding, pain, and complications

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Ready to Get Dental Implants in Fleming Island? 

Pain after the surgery should be temporary and should mostly resolve within three to five days. Swelling and bruising can last a bit longer. But, if the pain lasts for more than two weeks or if it gets worse, you should alert your dentist. At Fleming Island Dental, we offer a wide array of dental services designed to restore and improve your oral health. Contact our team today for an appointment. 

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