Dental Implants

Fill In Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Fleming Island, FL

Missing teeth cause several issues, like difficulty eating and speaking. Dental implants are a complete replacement that restores the entire smile, from root to crown. Dr. Philip Clark is an experienced dental practitioner who knows that an accurate diagnosis will deliver the best treatment.

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What Is a Dental Implant?  

Gaps in your smile require professional care since it can potentially lead to progressive damage. Teeth help our smile by providing the support necessary to maintain oral health in good standing. A titanium implant replicates this natural placement of a tooth root with a biocompatible material that fuses with existing bone. This unifies the implant to the hard and soft tissues, replacing the natural root.

Depending on the patient’s needs, an oral surgeon determines the number of implants, their location, and how many appointments it will take. By using modernized digital imaging, our specialists review the state of your dentition and predict the method and optimal location in which the implant should be positioned. Patients return to our practice to receive their final restoration. The result is a full smile that looks and feels like your original set of teeth.

Accessible Treatment

Our practice focuses on maintaining as much as your natural dental structure as possible.  Dental implants support other areas of your smile and preserve teeth alignment and surrounding bone. Additionally, implant posts secure prosthetics in place, helping to generate greater force and stability when biting.

Maintaining After Treatment

In addition to instructions for postoperative oral hygiene, patients with new posts will have their devices checked each visit by Dr. Clark. Most modifications or items such as implant-supported restorations can be applied in our practice. Some critical details regarding oral hygiene with implants are as follows:

  • Utilize gum stimulators often

  • Floss thoroughly

  • Brush gums

  • Use smaller, periodontal-specific brushes to clean beneath the implant

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Postponing the treatment for a missing tooth can lead to impacted or shifting teeth. Dental implants provide a comprehensive replacement that helps preserve the beauty and function of the smile.If you want to improve your oral health,call our skilled dental team at the office of Dr. Philip Clark, DMD.

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