Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Fleming Island, FL

Discomfort accompanied by a sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures are typically signs of an infection within a tooth. To ensure this dental issue does not reduce function, Dr. Philip Clark performs root canal therapies to provide relief.

At the office of Dr. Philip K. Clark, DMD, we utilize a combination of gentle dentistry and modern techniques to maintain the oral health and overall well-being of our patients. If you are experiencing constant discomfort, contact our Fleming Island dental practice to be seen by our dentist right away!

Signs You Have a Dental Infection

People develop dental infections when bacteria reach the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues inside the tooth. This is also known as the pulp, which can become compromised due to severe decay or injury.

We begin the process by thoroughly examining the patient’s dental anatomy, to locate and strategize how to care for the compromised tooth. If you experience temperature sensitivity or discomfort, Dr. Clark can check to see if it is a dental infection. Other symptoms he looks out for are swelling of surrounding tissues, tenderness, and an abscess.

Leaving compromised pulp unaddressed can result in the loss of that tooth and allow the infection to spread to surrounding dental structures. Root canal treatment is an efficient way to keep the smile natural and healthy.

Receiving Care by Philip Clark, DMD, and His Team

Dr. Clark starts root canal treatment by entering the tooth’s internal structures through the crown. He then removes the diseased pulp and sterilizes the inside of the tooth, ridding it of harmful bacteria. He continues the procedure by filling the tooth with gutta-percha, a composite which protects the root canal from re-infection. We place a natural-looking crown on the affected tooth to restore complete dental function and improve aesthetics.

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