Can Dental Implants Fail?

With its high success rate, is there a possibility that dental implants Orange Park FL, can fail? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. There are instances when patients complain of increased swelling, severe pain and discomfort, loosening of an implant, and difficulty chewing following dental implant surgery. Several factors can impact the outcome of the surgery. Examples include gum disease, smoking, certain medical conditions, insufficient jawbone, and poor oral care. The good news is that failure is extremely rare. 

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What Are Examples of Dental Implant Complications? 


Infection can happen after the procedure. People are at risk of developing an infection if they have an existing autoimmune disease, have poor oral hygiene, and if they are chronic smokers. To keep infection at bay, you should brush and floss your teeth as recommended by your dentist and quit smoking. 

Implant Micro-Movements 

Micro-movements can happen if your dental implant does not have enough stability. Ideally, the artificial crown should not be attached to the metal post until the implant has successfully integrated with your jawbone. 

However, there are cases when your oral surgeon will perform tooth replacement with temporary crowns right after placing the implants.  

Lack of Bone Support 

It’s also possible to experience early-stage dental implant failure if you don’t have enough bone to support the implants. Sadly, some surgeons push through with the procedure even if patients don‘t have adequate bone. The surgery is doomed to fail because the implant cannot fuse with your jawbone. 

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Do You Have More Questions About Dental Implants in Orange Park, FL? 

Complications aren’t inevitable. You can take precautionary measures to ensure that your implants dentist orange park fl last a lifetime. At Fleming Island Dental Care, we offer our patients high-quality dental services that help enhance their oral health. We are committed to crafting healthy and attractive smiles that you’ll love. Contact us today for an appointment. 

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