Can You Eat Burgers While Wearing Braces?

Who doesn’t love burgers? It’s an all-time American favorite – rich, juicy beef patties with slices of sweet onions, tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce drizzled in hot sauce, ketchup, and mustard and sandwiched in between soft burger buns. You can love burgers but your orthodontist fleming island fl recommends staying away from them as you adjust to your new braces.

So if you’re craving hamburgers, you might as well indulge before your appointment because once your braces are on, you’ll probably need to sacrifice your cravings for a couple of weeks. 

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Can You Enjoy Burgers While Wearing Braces?

What are Traditional Metal Braces Like? 

Traditional metal braces can be made from titanium or stainless steel. The components include:

  1. Brackets – Each tooth gets one metal bracket attached to it. A special glue is used to keep the bracket in place. 
  2. Archwires – An archwire is a thin piece of metal wire that is placed across your teeth. This wire passes through each bracket and applies pressure on your teeth. 
  3. Ligatures – Do you see braces decorated in different colors? The color doesn’t come from the metal but rather on the ties that keep the archwire and brackets in place. You can request to change colors during every appointment. 

How Do You Eat Burgers with Braces?

Once your mouth has adjusted to the braces, you can now eat as many burgers as you want. But, you should cut them into bite-sized portions and make sure the meat and buns are soft. Remember, when you eat hard foods they can cause your brackets to come loose and your wires to bend. When this happens, your treatment will be compromised. 

braces Orthodontist Fleming Island FL

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