Things You Should Not Do While Wearing Braces 

Before you get your new braces, your orthodontist in Fleming Island, FL, will give you clear instructions on how to protect them. Even though traditional metal braces are strong and sturdy, they can still bend and break if you’re not careful. Loose brackets and shifting wires will not only cause inconveniences and discomfort, but they’ll also prolong your treatment.  

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What Should You Avoid to Keep Your Braces in Great Shape 

Chewing on Ice 

You love chewing ice, and you’ve been doing it since forever, but did you know that with our without braces, chewing ice is bad for you? Biting down on hard ice can cause your teeth to chip and your bracket to break off. It can also cause your wires to bend. The next time you think about chewing ice, remember what it can do to your braces.  

Eating Chewy Foods 

You are confident that your braces will stay where they are. Unfortunately, even though they are designed to stick to your teeth, they can detach if you chew on sticky foods. While on treatment, it would be wise to stay away from chewy foods to keep your wires and brackets in place. If you keep chewing, you’ll strain your braces.  

Don’t Forget to Floss 

Flossing is a bit tricky, and the challenge doubles when you’re wearing braces. The effort to floss is what discourages braces wearers from doing it. Unfortunately, if you don’t floss, food particles, bacteria, and plaque can stick around your brackets and cause tooth decay.  

Don’t worry. You will eventually get used to it with practice. You can also ask your orthodontist to teach you how to floss correctly.  

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