What Can Delay Your Braces Treatment?

If you want to have straighter teeth, don’t hesitate to visit an orthodontist Fleming Island FL today. An orthodontist can create a treatment plan for you, involving braces to achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. Depending on the case, but braces treatment usually takes about two years to complete. But it may take longer if you don’t take care of your braces or do the following:

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What Can Delay Your Braces Treatment?

Not Cleaning Your Braces Properly

It’s essential to clean your teeth and braces properly because food gets stuck in-between them quickly. Take time to brush your teeth and braces. Using the appropriate tools can also help make this task more comfortable and more efficient. You should also floss and rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Not cleaning your braces correctly puts your mouth at risk for gum disease, decay, and other problems, which can delay your treatment time.

Eating Foods, You Shouldn’t

Chewy and hard foods can damage your braces. When a wire breaks or a bracket comes off your braces, your orthodontist in Fleming Island FL will have to repair or replace it. This can delay your treatment time. There’s also a risk of swallowing the bracket or getting poked by the broken wire. So, as much as possible, avoid eating popcorn, nuts, candy, taffy, corn chips, and ice when wearing braces. 

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

With or without braces, never use your teeth as a tool. Tearing open a bag of chips or biting onto your nails can chip your teeth and damage your braces. 

Skipping Orthodontist Appointments in Fleming Island FL

To make sure that you finish your braces treatment according to plan, never miss an orthodontist appointment. Always go according to schedule for adjustments and checkups. 

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Follow the tips above and your orthodontist’s instructions in Fleming Island, FL to avoid any delays in your braces treatment! At Fleming Island Dental Care, we offer orthodontic treatment and care at an affordable price. Contact us for inquiries! 

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