What to Do When Your Implants Feel Loose

If tooth decay, cavities, and advanced stage gum disease are not treated right away, these conditions will worsen and result in tooth loss. Unfortunately, when you lose your permanent teeth, you won’t be able to grow them back, but you can replace them with dental implants Orange Park FL

Dental implants are designed to mimic the features of natural teeth in terms of appearance and strength. Albeit implants have a 95 percent success rate, there are instances where patients complain that their implants feel loose. Yes, these rare occurrences do happen. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. How do you deal with loose implants?

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What Causes Implants to Feel Loose and What To Do About It

Loose Crown

Dental implants replace an entire missing tooth from the crown to the roots. A process called osseointegration allows your bone tissues to fuse around your implants creating a strong and stable foundation for your crowns. 

Sometimes the crown can loosen over time, but not to worry, because your dentist can tighten it again or simply replace the crown with a new one. 

Failed Osseointegration

When osseointegration is not successful, your jawbone will not be able to hold the implant securely and with the lack of foundation, there’s a tendency that your implants will loosen within a year. Bone grafting may be necessary to improve your jawbone density. 

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