Why Do I need a Deep Cleaning?

Implementing a strong dental hygiene routine at home in between your bi-annual visits to your dentist is an essential way to maintain good oral health. However, in the case where more severe complications such as gum disease are present, deep cleanings are more than necessary.

Scaling and root planning, which treats periodontal complications, may sound like something to dread, but the procedure is painless and less complicated then you may think.

Why Deep Cleanings Are so Important

Plaque is usually the main culprit for developing gum disease. A sticky bacterial film forms on the tooth and contributes to tissue inflammation if not treated and cleaned correctly.

As a result, the gums start to pull away from teeth, causing pockets to form. These spaces become a home for the harmful calculus to reside, which cannot be removed from brushing or flossing alone. This overabundance of buildup can eventually lead to tooth and bone loss.

Professional deep dental cleanings help significantly minimize these risks if detected early. If periodontal pockets between teeth and gums become too deep, scaling and root planning is required.

What Can I Expect from The Procedure?

Dental Examination– Before starting the process, your dentist first diagnoses the condition of your teeth and gums. During the evaluation, they place a device between the gums and teeth for recording the severity of inflammation and the depth of the pockets.

Cleaning the Teeth and Gums– The procedure is initiated by administering local anesthesia for a painless process. Your dental professional removes plaque from teeth as well as the spaces in between with ultrasonic instruments. Antibiotic materials are inserted into the pockets for speeding up the healing process.

Smoothening the Root Surfaces– Following a thorough cleaning of the gums and teeth, we smooth the surface of the tooth root to prevent further plaque deposits.

The Benefits of Professional Deep Cleanings

Scaling and root planning has numerous advantages, including preventing major dental concerns which may lead to costlier work in the future. Deep cleaning is incredibly effective at treating gum disease as well as renewing gum tissue health. A local anesthetic guarantees a painless process.

Although you may experience some pain for the first few days after treatment, it will subside quickly. Your dental professional will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that your gums are healing correctly.

If you or a loved one is experiencing swollen, bleeding, or sensitive gums, you may require deep periodontal cleaning. We encourage you to contact our Fleming Island practice for comprehensive care. Consider our team at Dr. Philip K Clark, DMD for treatment.

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