Why Do I Need a Crown?

Dr. Clark’s practice has a multitude of restorative procedures available to address various dental issues. A dental crown refers to a durable cap placed on a treated tooth to recover from damage and reinforce its structure. Permanent crowns encompass the entire exterior of a tooth above the gum-line following the cleaning of any compromised areas so that only a protected, healthy smile remains.

Customizing the Right Crown for You

Crowns typically are made from one of several materials, including:

  • Ceramic —  Porcelain-based devices that blend with the natural shade of your teeth and is typically used to replace damaged front teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused to metal – A hybrid that unites a durable metal base with an attractive ceramic surface.
  • Gold alloys – This crown is a mix of gold and other alloys that withstand corrosion and surface damage without affecting gum or tooth health.
  • Base metal alloys – Produce a strong crown in the least invasive manner.

Philip Clark, DMD, encourages patients to remain proactive with their care. By listening to our patients during visits, we better incorporate their requests when selecting treatment components, such as the preferred materials used for a crown.

Certain versions of crowns automatically work better in some situations. Most importantly, you can confide in Dr. Clark to constantly provide quality restorative materials best suited to fit your dental needs.

Repairing Previous Issues

Large fillings often lose their effectiveness over time. Dental crowns are premier options for teeth previously treated for cavities but are now experiencing pain and sensitivity due to typical wear and tear. Crowns are customized to fit the contortion of your smile alignment comfortably. This means that crowns better protect patients from future orthodontic treatments in addition to preventing the spread of tooth decay.

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