When Should You Have TMJ Surgery?

Pain in your jaw joints should never be ignored. Even if you say it’s not that bad, it would still be wise if you let your dentist have a look at it to get an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, jaw pain is associated with TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. There are non-invasive methods of treating TMD available, but if your condition worsens, you will be advised to see an oral surgeon in Fleming Island, FL, for pain relief and to restore normal jaw function. 

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Should You Get TMJ Surgery?

When Do You Need TMJ Surgery?

Patients who complain of pain in their temporomandibular joints are given oral splints, steroid injections, muscle relaxants, pain medications, and physical therapy sessions to relieve pain.

Unfortunately, if these treatments are ineffective, patients are advised to undergo surgery as a last resort. 

Symptoms of TMD can be debilitating and can negatively impact your overall health and well-being. Jaw surgery is also recommended for people whose jaw joints have deteriorated due to trauma, if they suffer from a genetic disorder, or if they are diagnosed with osteoarthritis. 

What Are the Different Types of TMJ Surgery?

The three types of TMJ surgeries are arthroplasty, complete joint replacement, and arthroscopy.

Arthroplasty or open joint surgery is done to replace or repair a disc in your jaw so you can open and close your jaw. 

Total joint replacement is performed when the jaw joints have degenerated as a result of trauma or osteoarthritis. 

Arthroscopy is the least invasive form of surgery since it only requires a tiny incision near your ear to insert an instrument that’s used to remove the inflamed tissue. 

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