What Makes Emergency Dental Care So Important?

Do you need an emergency dentist in Fleming Island? The answer is no if you don’t have any oral health problems that require immediate care. However, it helps to have your emergency dentist’s number on your speed dial just in case anything goes wrong. People can suffer accidents at any time, and they usually happen when they least expect them, which is why it pays to be prepared. Emergency dental care plays a crucial role in anyone’s life.  

patient talking to her Emergency Dentist in Fleming Island

Why Is Emergency Dental Care Important? 

It’s Like Getting First Aid 

We’d like to compare emergency dental care to getting first aid service. When you get treated, it helps stop the bleeding, prevents infection from spreading, reduces pain, and prevents extensive damage to your mouth. 

What Situations Require You to Call an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dental care only caters to cases that require immediate attention. Therefore, you shouldn’t be calling your emergency dentist for dental issues that can wait. Examples are cavities, tooth decay, and crooked and crowded teeth. For these problems, you’ll have to wait for a regular appointment. 

  • Knocked-Out Teeth – People don’t normally get their teeth knocked out, but when they do, they must let their emergency dentist know immediately. It’s typically caused by accidental falls, playing outdoor sports, or incurring facial injuries due to an accident. There’s a big chance your dentist can still re-insert your tooth if you seek help as soon as it happens. 
  • Broken Dental Crown – If you’re wearing an artificial crown, you must be careful not to break it accidentally. Your dentist will teach you how to better care for your crowns so you can enjoy their maximum lifespan. But if and when it does break due to accidents or teeth grinding, you must notify your emergency dentist and make an appointment.  

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Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Fleming Island? 

If you ever find yourself in an emergency, let us know. At Fleming Island Dental, we offer affordable treatments tailored to your unique needs. Our team has years of experience providing quality dental service, including emergency dental care. Contact us for an appointment.  

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