Teeth Whitening Orange Park FL | Why You Should Talk to Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is now within everyone’s reach, thanks to the increasingly popular teeth whitening business. You have a lot of options to choose in dealing with your stained teeth; from over-the-counter products to professional treatments at your dentist’s office. If you want instantaneous, safe, and effective results, numerous dental practices offer teeth whitening Orange Park FL treatments.

Deciding for at-Home Teeth Whitening? Talk to Your Dentist

This advice will probably not make sense to some because you’ll do it at home anyway, so why need the dentist? Teeth bleaching can make teeth temporarily sensitive and this can be worse for those who have already sensitive teeth. Also, home kits when applied incorrectly can lead to burned or even bleached gums. For optimal results, seeing a dentist before opting for at-home kits or OTC products, you need to get a professional cleaning and mouth exam done.

Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth? Think Again!

Don’t get hyped up with false promises especially those that are making the rounds on social media without consulting a professional first. Activated charcoal as a tooth whitening agent has been quite popular these days and they are a lot cheaper than going to the dentist but, what you should know about this miracle product? Is it safe? Be wary of teeth whitening products containing activated charcoal, as it’s an abrasive mineral that can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. Product reviews may look promising, but the abrasive properties of activated charcoal can lead to enamel erosion and deterioration.

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Need Help with Teeth Whitening Orange Park FL?

If you are torn between in-office teeth whitening or go for OTC kits, make sure to talk to a professional first. Contact Fleming Island Dental Care today if you want to learn more about teeth whitening Orange Park FL.

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