Teeth Whitening Orange Park FL | Why DIY Whitening Should Be Discouraged

If you’re one of those folks who seem to be lured and hypnotized of having teeth that are whiter than your favorite celeb’s teeth, you must understand that there are certain cautions you have to consider especially if you think professional teeth whitening Orange Park FL treatment will cost you an arm and a leg. Studies show that over half of us are dissatisfied with our teeth color. This insatiable desire to achieve whiter teeth could sometimes lead to a favorable result or worse, damage to the surface of the teeth and expensive dental procedures later on to fix the problem.

How Genetics and Diet Affects Teeth Color

A lifetime habit of smoking and consuming highly-pigmented foods and drinks contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. If you can resist these foods and drinks and give up your smoking habit, the effects are not just cosmetic, but could also improve your general health.

Why DIY is Not Always a Good Idea

Home bleaching products are easy to apply and are way cheaper than having your teeth professionally whitened. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient of home kits and in-office teeth whitening treatments, but because of the strict laws governing the amount of hydrogen peroxide that can be used in OTC products, the manufacturers will look for other chemical alternatives to whiten teeth. This puts the consumers at risk of damaging their teeth. Some of these chemicals are questionable and may damage teeth. Chemicals such as citric acid will soften the tooth enamel and sodium chlorite used in some OTC teeth whitening breaks down into chlorine dioxide in the acidic environment of the mouth.

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Torn Between DIY and Professional Teeth Whitening Orange Park FL Treatment?

We all want to achieve that dazzling smile, who doesn’t? But if you’re putting your teeth at risk of getting damaged, then it’s not worth it. If you want to achieve that Oscar ceremony smile, schedule a consultation with Fleming Island Dental Care for your teeth whitening dentist Orange Park FL treatment today.

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