Dental Restorations in Fleming Island, FL

Many have the goal to achieve a complete, beautiful smile, but missing or damaged teeth can prevent this. For the incidence of lost or injured teeth, it is important to repair or replace them.

At the office of Philip Clark, DMD, we are dedicated to renewing patients’ facial esthetics with high-quality restorations. Dr. Philip Clark maintains the oral health of his patients by providing crowns and bridges fabricated with materials that are both resilient and stunning.

Repair and Replace with Dr. Clark

During your initial consultation, Dr. Clark performs a thorough exam of your dental anatomy to determine which option is best for you. Our dental team takes into account your esthetic preferences, budget, and the restorations effect on function before making any recommendations. For mildly damaged or decayed teeth, we provide white fillings. These repair the tooth while seamlessly blending with surrounding teeth.

Our experienced Fleming Island dental team collaborates with trusted dental labs that produce long-lasting restorations. Depending on your dental needs and goals, Dr. Clark helps you choose a material that is best suited for you. Whether to address a small cavity or replace several teeth in a row, our dental professional creates treatment plans specifically for you. We work alongside patients as they go down the path to reaching the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve.

For instances where decay has reached the inner structures of the tooth, we offer root canal therapy. After completing the procedure, a crown is placed over the treated tooth to protect it against damage and decay while providing a uniform appearance. We do everything we can to preserve as much of our patients’ natural smiles as possible.

Same-Day Restorative Options Available

While a majority of our crowns and bridges are created at a dental lab, patients looking to rejuvenate their esthetics in one appointment can do so with CEREC. This modern technological advancement takes the measurements provided by your dental anatomy and fabricates your crown, in-office, utilizing ceramic materials. No matter if a restoration is needed for a missing or damaged tooth or to complete root canal therapy, patients go home with a final replacement using CEREC.

Receive Restorative Care at our Fleming Island Dental Practice

If you would like to know more about repairing and replacing missing or damaged teeth, contact the office of Philip Clark, DMD. Our dentist and his team make every effort to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

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