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Having to go through an oral surgery could be a scary ordeal for you as you don’t know what could happen next. It’s important to ask questions to your oral surgeon Fleming Island FL during an initial consultation so you would know what to expect and how to prepare yourself before the procedure. Fear and anxiety are two major reasons why people avoid going to the dentist let alone an oral surgeon for a dental procedure.

How an Oral Surgeon Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Oral Surgery

If you’re feeling a bit distressed and your anxiety level just went up through the roof thinking about your upcoming oral surgery, you’re not alone. Millions of people have an innate fear of seeing the dentist. Yes, you may feel vulnerable sitting at the dentist’s chair, but you have to trust your oral surgeon.

Here are some ways oral surgeons help their patients deal with anxiety during an oral surgical procedure:

  • They give a precise explanation about the procedure and for how long it would take
  • They would frequently ask the patient for permission to continue
  • They allow the patient to stop the procedure at any time the patient feels uncomfortable

What You Should Do During Your Initial Consultation

One way to prepare yourself before the surgery is to be straightforward with the dentist and your oral surgeon in discussing your fears. Be honest about your fears. Your dentist and your oral surgeon may not be able to erase the memory of a bad dental experience from your past but they can talk to you about what to expect, why there is nothing for you to fear, and you would be surprised that it won’t be as painful as you initially thought. Feel free to ask questions.

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