Do Invisalign® Aligners Stain? 

With Invisalign Fleming Island, you can achieve the perfect smile without having to deal with glaring and chunky metal braces. Invisalign’s popularity skyrocketed because of social media. People, particularly teens, love the idea of clear braces. Besides invisibility, they also love that the aligners are removable.  

Patients looking for a discreet way of correcting teeth misalignment will surely fall in love with Invisalign. However, they do have one concern: Invisalign stains. How do you prevent your aligners from staining? 

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Dealing with Invisalign Stains 

What Is Invisalign? 

Invisalign is composed of sets of clear aligners that help reposition your teeth until they reach proper alignment. You will be asked to wear them for two consecutive weeks. After which, you’ll need to come back to get a new set. You’ll need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day during the treatment, which is only effective if you religiously follow your orthodontist’s instructions.  

What Can Stain Your Invisalign Aligners? 

It’s okay to drink water without having to remove your aligners, but if you keep them in while drinking red wine, coffee, tea, or dark sodas, they will stain. Anything that can stain your teeth will also stain your clear braces.  

Another thing, if you don’t clean your aligners, bacteria, plaque, and tartar will build up on their surface and cause them to become discolored. Smoking and chewing tobacco can also contribute to stains.  

How Can You Prevent Invisalign Stains? 

It’s pretty obvious; you just have to avoid all the factors that can lead to staining, so you should be removing your aligners if you drink dark-colored beverages, practicing good dental hygiene, cleaning your aligners regularly, and avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco.  

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Do You Have More Questions About Invisalign in Fleming Island? 

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