What To Do After Getting A Root Canal

When bacteria in your mouth get inside the dental pulp (the soft tissues within your tooth) and infect it, your dentist will have no choice but to recommend a root canal in Fleming Island to save your tooth. A root canal is a procedure done to stop the decay and infection from spreading. It will also relieve you from pain caused by inflammation.

Some of the signs that indicate the need for root canal therapy include pain when you chew or bite, gum swelling around the affected tooth, facial swelling, and pus oozing out from the tooth. When a date is set, your dentist will discuss with you root canal aftercare tips for a speedy recovery. Read on. 

Where can I get a Root Canal Fleming Island?

Root Canal Recovery Tips 

Focus On Your Mouth

After a root canal in Fleming Island, you’re expected to pay attention to how your mouth feels. Although swelling and pain are expected, you can minimize the discomfort when you plan your recovery well. Before you eat anything, make sure the numbness is already gone because if your mouth is still numb, you might accidentally bite your tongue.

To reduce the swelling, you can apply a cold pack on the affected side of your face. When you sleep, use extra pillows to elevate your head. This will help prevent irritation. 

Don’t Exercise

If you’re excited to hit the gym soon as you get home, hold that thought. For fast recovery, you should avoid exercising for a few days. Give yourself time to relax after a root canal in Fleming Island. Exercising too soon will cause bleeding and increase discomfort. When you’re feeling a bit better, opt for exercises designed for patients who have just had surgery. We suggest you start by walking. It’s an ideal exercise for post-op patients. 

Where can I get a Root Canal Fleming Island?

Do You Need Root Canal in Fleming Island? 

Instead of losing your tooth to decay, your endodontist can save it by getting rid of the decayed portion alone through root canal therapy. If you need a dentist to restore your oral health, you’ve come to the right place. At Fleming Island Dental, we are dedicated to giving you a smile you deserve. Visit our website or call us to learn more about our services. 

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